The Domus tree cozy is back on W44th Street between 9/10th Avenue, and it’s been updated to add support for essential workers and Black Lives Matter.

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Domus co-owner Luisa Cerutti was spotted “yarn bombing” this afternoon outside her store in Hell’s Kitchen. It’s the fourth tree cozy to be sewn onto the tree outside the store in the last 12 years.

“Our first tree cozy was dedicated to two children who died of cancer here in Hell’s Kitchen. We wanted to do a memorial, but didn’t know how to do it — so we put their names on this tree,” Luisa shared with us. “The cozies rot after 4-5 years. It was time for a new one, and we wanted to pay tribute to our essential workers and Black Lives Matter.”

YouTube video

She added: “We added I love New York too. It takes Nicki and I weeks to knit and embroider it, but it always brings smiles and joy to those who walk by.”

Luisa, and her partner Nicki Lindheimer, have been running Domus for 18 years. They were winners of the W42ST Best of Awards 2020.

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