W42ST Daily 7/9/2020

When I landed in New York from the UK seven and a half years ago, I lived at W37th St – 9th Ave at a luxury building, Hudson Crossing. As well as the joy of being in the city, I discovered there was a laundry/dry cleaner in the building. I put my clothes in a black laundry bag, carried my shirts down, and they miraculously came back washed, folded, and pressed. It’s still one of my favorite things.

I do know that most everyone else I know covets (or is proudly in possession of) an in-apartment washer dryer. I personally can’t think of a bigger waste of time, but I’m sure I’ll be deluged with replies extolling the virtues. I just don’t get it.

My GF is among the many fans. We are Airbnb-ing upstate for a couple of weeks. She’s delighted there’s a washer dryer in our rural cabin. I’m struggling to find things to wash as I slop around even more than when I am in #WFH mode.

On Tuesday, as I finished analyzing the data of 4.9 million loans for our PPP story tension was high — I’d used ALL the mobile data for our vacation! We’ve been locked down in the city for nearly 120 days, but the lack of broadband connectivity for a few hours was inflammatory. We’d dealt with being disconnected from the outside world, but lack of high speed internet was the breaking point. We’re off to Verizon to get an extra 30GB today, so it’s salvageable … but kind of sad.

As you swelter in the city and think: “Oh, you lucky thing,” we’ve got this weather on the horizon. But we’ll survive.

Could you imagine hanging out your white laundry on the line down by the Lincoln Tunnel? That area was packed with homes before it was flattened for the NJ connection. Our story today recalls the story of Owney “The Killer” Madden, his violent life — and his pigeons. Read on…

The Hudson Yards Hell’s Kitchen Alliance has relocated its wellness programming to Zoom. Classes are available on evenings Monday – Thursday, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and they’re FREE! Donations are being accepted, and distributed to citywide causes. Learn more here.

Dutch Fred’s and Marseille open again today.  Kashkaval Garden is back tomorrow — and more Hell’s Kitchen businesses are opening their doors every day. Keep in touch by bookmarking our “Hell’s Kitchen is OPEN!” list.

How rooftops have been helping keep us sane during lockdown. Up on the roof…

What to do if your face mask is causing skin irritation. Spot on…

Governors Island is set to reopen, with limited capacity and a new ticket reservation system for both the island the the ferries. Happy hammocks…

More details have emerged about plans to reopen schools this fall. School’s in…

A virtual Pocket Bar NYC trivia quiz night? Hosted by Austin of Jeopardy fame?? Tonight??? Count us in! 

The last few months have been hard on all of us – financially, emotionally, physically. One thing we’ve come to truly value is the importance of community – “our” people. All your messages of love, support, and laughter have been a lifeline.

Many of you are also supporting us financially, at a time when our advertising revenue has disappeared. We thank you. If you are in a position to support us, any contribution, no matter how small, will help ensure the future of W42ST.