Hell’s Kitchen gift shop and W42ST reader favorite Delphinium Home is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month — and Broadway reopening nights are bringing a boost to business as congratulations cards fly off the shelves.

Delphinium Home has a special 25-year display this month. Photo: Lynnette Blanche

“For all of us who seem to have ‘made it through the rain’ during the COVID period, we are especially thankful and grateful,” said co-owner John Soroka. “There were moments last year where we didn’t think it was even a possibility to make it to this momentous milestone, but here we are!”

Before Delphinium became a fixture in the neighborhood, Soroka and co-owners Michael Quinn and Gary Alaimo (all of whom were theater performers) had a humble start. “It was 1996, and Hell’s Kitchen was very sketchy,” he told us in an interview last year. “My husband, Michael, and our good friend Gary started a flower business out of our home. It took over our apartment, and we eventually found out that there was this little space available on W47th Street.”

John Soroka spreading the love at Delphinium. Photo: Lynnette Blanche

When the flower business thrived, they opened a home accessories store and a men’s clothing store all within a one-block radius. Eventually, in 2011, the shops were consolidated into Delphinium Home’s current storefront, which is located across the street from the original flower shop. 

Over the years Delphinium has become known for its fashionable and fun selection of items, including home furnishings, lots of candles, and of course, greeting cards for any occasion. 

“As Broadway reopens and with tourists returning to NYC, we are very hopeful that this next year will bring much prosperity to Hell’s Kitchen,” Soroka said. The shop — which might be the only store in Manhattan to sell opening night congratulations cards — continues to be a regular haunt for the theater crowd. “We had cast members and patrons in the store from Hamilton, Wicked and The Lion King opening nights yesterday. It was so nice to see their beautiful faces again,” he shared. “It’s like every show will be opening for the first time — again!”

Delphinium Home is located at 353 W47th Street (just east of 9th Avenue). delphiniumhome.com

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