“We all need something to look forward to,” said the reporter — and then delivered her question to New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio. “What can you tell us about halloween in the city, the Macy’s parade, and the tree at 30 Rock?”

“I think everything is going to be different is the simple answer,” explained de Blasio. “You’re going to see versions of those events, but nothing like we’re used to. Let’s all work together to make sure they come back strong the next year.”

He went on to say that “the important thing is the traditions will be kept in some way” — adding that there might be some small in-person pieces, and others spread out in bigger areas. He also harked back to the success of the Macy’s Fireworks for July 4th and virtual graduations with telecasts.

Rumors have circulated for a few weeks that the tree will not go up in Rockefeller Plaza, but after the reversal of the decision to cancel the 9/11 lights, New Yorkers are hoping there will be a Christmas Tree to gather round (at a social distance) this holiday season.