We gave you “9 Ways for New York City’s Big Lights to Inspire YOU!” — and asked for a suggestion for No.10 on our list. Well, we’ve found it…

Use your phone to control the LED spires at One Bryant Park (left) or One Five One W42nd Street. Photo: Durst Organaization.

How about creating your own New York light show hundreds of feet in the air above Manhattan? Spireworks — in partnership with the local family-run Durst Organization — will let you take control of the lights at three iconic Gotham landmarks. You can use your phone to illuminate the LED spires at One Five One W42nd Street (the one with the H&M sign), One Bryant Park (think 1,200ft Bank of America Tower), and One World Trade Center.

Even better, you give to charity when you have your big light, big city moment. The “Change at a Distance” project most recently donated money to the Coronavirus Relief Fund — their newest benefactor is the Super Typhoon Goni/Rolly Relief Fund.

Mobile Color Controller. Photo: Spireworks.

You won’t be able to get instant gratification though. The first step is to sign up to get into line for your moment to light up the sky. However, when it’s your turn, you just tap the Spireworks color controller on your phone to light up the spires in real-time.

If you’re not in the city, you can still take part. Spireworks offer a livestream of the skyline on their site, so you can sit at home and control the bright lights of New York City.

Take control of the Manhattan skyline. Photo: Gary Hershorn.

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