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Late on Saturday evening a convertible car crashed into the corner of the AT&T Building at 811 10th Avenue at W53rd Street.

The convertible crashed into the corner of the AT&T building. Photo via Citizen App.

The building has seen increased security in recent weeks since rioters stormed the US Capitol. There has been a consistent police presence in front of the communications center.

The Hell’s Kitchen building was built in 1964 and is a distinctive part of the skyline with 21 floors and no windows to resist a nuclear blast. The New York Post reported in 2018 that the building processes internet traffic as part of the NSA “spy” program code-named “Fairview,” according to NSA and AT&T maps.

The windowless AT&T Building at 811 10th Avenue. Photo: Google Street View.

Initial reports gave no indication as to whether the driver had been detained or whether the crash was being treated as a threat to security or an accident.

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