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Today’s W42ST Daily presented by TFC — 7/29/2020

You read a headline, you see a tweet, you watch a video (not to the end) … and there’s a judgment. It sticks in your mind. It shapes your view of the world.

Life’s not that simple, as we all know. We’ve all felt wronged, slighted — it’s an awful feeling.

On Sunday, W42ST was tagged in a social media post alleging homophobia had blocked the license application of a gay bar in Hell’s Kitchen. We’ve spent the last few days investigating the claim through the public records of Community Board 4 and conversations with many of those involved.

We’d encourage you to read to the end. One thing we learnt from this investigation is there are so many people giving their time and energy for public service on all sorts of issues. We should all get involved more (and consistently) in our community.

In half a century, TF Cornerstone (TFC) has transformed the Long Island City waterfront, developed some of the first residential buildings in the Financial District & Hudson Yards, and revitalized the Meatpacking District. TFC continues to cultivate the surrounding community long after a project’s completion date. Learn more…

The bodega cat from 7 Brothers Deli on W49th Street and 9th Avenue has gone wandering. She’s been seen around the neighborhood. Please call (917) 699-3688 if you spot her. Thanks Andrew Campbell for the tip.

After two deaths, Revel has put the brakes on its electric moped service in NYC. Stop…

Mark those calendars – Saturday is Clean Up Day! New month, sweep clean…

In the future, it’ll be the carelessly discarded items of PPE that will tell the story of this pandemic. Fossils…

Here are New Yorkers’ most-wanted library books during lockdown. Good reads…

Ready to get creative with Olivia Howard and flowers? She’s offering a happy hour floral class at 8pm this evening. “We won’t be using any fancy vases. Instead, let’s find fun vessels to use that are already in your home. You can pick up some flowers and follow along or just join to watch and try on your own later!” Blooming fun…

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