Today’s W42ST Daily presented by the Intrepid Museum — 10/15/2020

I had to pinch myself when I heard that the MTA had actually done something good. For an organization that competes with Mayor de Blasio for the wooden spoon in any New York popularity contest, their announcement that they will be helping local businesses with rent was amazing news. The MTA plans to change tenants’ rent to reflect their reduced takings during the pandemic.

Bravo, let’s hope more landlords follow this lead.

Tom Fervoy has headed back to chat with Wally and Hamza, our local deli heroes, about their experiences during the pandemic. His interview is an insight into the key role that these corner stores serve in Hell’s Kitchen and every New York neighborhood. These young guys lost an employee to COVID, have been threatened, racially abused, and seen business dwindle. However, they’re two of the most positive people you will meet (and they love their landlords, and are good landlords in the buildings they own).


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Buried treasure unearthed in the walls of a ‘bootlegger bungalow’!  Whiskey is involved… (Lite 98.7)

W42ST friend Mirirai Sithole is among the actors sharing their lockdown stories. (TimeOut)

Plenty of the regular Halloween events have been canceled this year – but never fear, there are still lots of creepy things to do. (6sqft)

Uniqlo has donated masks to 25,000 New Yorkers with disabilities, and their families and caretakers. (amNY)

“Tax the rich” is a familiar cry – but how can it be achieved? (The City)

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