As New York fights to return, Century 21 will be coming back too! The discount retailer announced on their home page that the iconic brand will be back on the streets of the city this year.

Century 21 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September and liquidated its 13 stores in New York and around the country.

Now the company says: “The story continues… Never count out a New Yorker.” They could not confirm a date for the relaunch but said they would be back in 2021.

The Gindis, the family behind Century 21 for 60 years, bought back the intellectual property of the Century 21 brand. They said in their statement: “This will ensure that Century 21 Stores will continue to be a family-run business with a name synonymous with value and luxury.”

The company blamed the bankruptcy on its insurers’ decision not to pay $175 million due in policies to protect Century 21 from the losses it suffered from the pandemic. At the time, CEO Raymond Gindi said: “While insurance money helped us to rebuild after suffering the devastating impact of 9/11, we now have no viable alternative but to begin the closure of our beloved family business — because our insurers, to whom we have paid significant premiums every year for protection against unforeseen circumstances like we are experiencing today, have turned their backs on us at this most critical time.”

The New York City-based retailer’s closure was a huge loss to the city’s bargain shoppers. Century 21 offered deals on brands like Chanel, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, and Prada. Fox Business reported that the first store to open will be in Busan, South Korea (a deal struck before the pandemic). The initial US store will be in New York.

Century 21 hired Marc Benitez, a former executive at Kenneth Cole and Coach, as president of the retailer in January, but stressed it will remain a family-run business.

“Re-opening in the U.S. is a part of our strategic relaunch plans,” Benitez told Fox Business. “Century 21 remains a beacon of hope for retailers and New Yorkers alike, as perseverance is in our DNA. We have received an outpouring of love and support from fans across Manhattan and the Tri-State Area, and we hope to be able to serve those loyal fans soon.”

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  1. Hope the Bayridge Brooklyn location will open the soonest. 86th st Bayridge is dead without Century 21. Been shopping here for 20 years.

  2. Great news!! I hope Bay Ridge location opens up first!! We miss it a lot!!, it was, and always will be part of our lives!!! All the best!!👏👏👏

  3. Hope you guys come back to new York city as soon as possible and carry the same products like before all of the famous name brands like before at discount prices miss you guys very much fantastic bargains.

  4. century 21 (and barney’s) have been my go-to expeditions for sartorial splendor for four decades … now i don’t have to consider walmart an option … can’t wait to roam the racks …

  5. I can’t wait for the-opening in Bay Ridge. Where else can you get quality goods at a reasonable price! I wish the Gindi Family much success in their comeback.

  6. Looking forward for the Rego Park store to be reopened so that I can get my job back. Been with the company for 11 years.

  7. So happy to hear the news. I hope they open the Westburry store on the Old Country Road. I miss the store. One more wish.. I wish The Fortuneoff would comeback.

  8. I love that store and am looking forward to see the store. I have been shopping there for more thirty years. This is wonderful news.

  9. I hope you remember all the ‘C21 family team members’ that lost their jobs when you went bankrupt. So many lives devestated

  10. Can’t wait for the Green Acres branch to reopen. Missed it a lot, life is not the same without Century 21. All the best to the Gindi family

  11. Such FANTASTIC 👍👍😊🤩 News!!!
    I Miss This Store. No one Compares!!
    Please 🙏 Reopen in Nassau County Plus Getting My Job back would Be would Be A WIN,WIN😊❤️

  12. The best news! I was feeling like I lost a best friend! Open anywhere in the NY area,your loyal customers will find you!

  13. I am a loyal Century 21 customer via the web. Please, Continue the online shopping site.
    I live in SC and I love having access to Century 21 via web. The products, affordable prices and the ease of online shopping is awesome. I love the haute designers clothing and other products you carry…I am truly looking forward to the relaunch of Century 21 web site. C21 is a brand I can relate and rely on. Century 21 I miss you… you’ve been my go to for all things beautiful and classy.

  14. Wow!!! This is exciting news. I was a frequent shopper and I couldn’t wait for the weekends to do so. Now I can smile again when clothing shopping.

  15. So happy century 21 is coming back!! Will they reopen at Sawgrass Mills in south Florida. I hope so!!!

  16. Been a loyal shopper for 20+ years, first Manhattan and Brooklyn locations when I was living in Brooklyn and working in lower Manhattan then Queens and Long Island locations when I moved to Queens. I’ll go where they’re open. Good luck!

  17. Great news I’m so HAPPY I hope that the Rego Park store opens again the whole neighbourhood misses this store

  18. Great news lots of my friends and family Love this store and where very sad when it closed , I hope that the Rego Park store opens again I always used to shop there.

  19. Great news Gindis family. Can’t wait for your return in Sawgrass Mills FL. Recommendation a Century 21 store will be a WINNER in Aventura FL. ❤️

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