W42ST Daily — 10/2/2020

Happy Friday! Wear a mask!

The Central Park Horses have returned to Hell’s Kitchen from their furlough in the countryside and will be back in action pulling carriages in the park from tomorrow.  New York returning to normality?  Or you thought that Mayor de Blasio would have slipped in his ban while they were on vacation?  More details here… (please comment on the story).

Register for MCC Youth Company October 13th and 15th auditions! Led by renowned teaching artists, Youth Company is a free after school program for NYC High School Students offering weekly virtual classes in Performance and Playwriting. No previous experience necessary!

I’m prepared to concede that if you were born in New York and lived here all your life, then you’re a New Yorker. But what about the rest of us wannabees!?

You ask around and there are lots of opinions — that’s New York for ya! If you want the numbers, then some say it’s 7 years, some 8, some 10… and on! After that, you start dealing with the subtleties and you get things like: “you know not to get on an empty subway car on a rush-hour train” or “you have your MetroCard ready when you get to the turnstile” or “never acknowledge a celebrity on the subway.” Hmmm…. there’s a theme there, straphangers!

Well, we’ve discovered a way of categorically proving whether you are a New Yorker (or not), take the Subway Station quiz and find out.

Manhattan homes sales down 46% last quarter. (Real Deal)

This is a motivating read for anyone who loves exploring NYC on a bike — and wants to travel further. (New York Times)

Catch some live music. This list includes local favorites West Bank Cafe and Don’t Tell Mama. (TimeOut)

Remember when you spent time inspecting the plums? What’s happening to grocery shopping in the age of the app?  “Workers who fill Amazon Prime Now orders … are in some cases clogging aisles [at Whole Foods], ignoring virus protocols, and exacerbating severe understaffing.” (Grub Street)

The Shed is reopening with an exhibition about the brutality of racism and the healing power of art. There are free tickets for visits before the end of the month. (The Shed)