“I want something quick,” I told Matt. “Minimal ingredients. Minimal equipment. Healthy.”

This is what he came up with. A classic leftovers recipe using whatever you happen to have in the fridge, basic spices you can mix and match if you happen to have run out of cilantro (me), and speedy enough to ensure I can get out in the sunshine instead of spending hours prepping and cooking. Here we go.


2 carrots

2 zucchini

1 cup flour

1 egg

1 tbsp cumin

1 tbsp cilantro

Salt and pepper


1. Grate the carrots and zucchini into ribbons. Or, if you happen to be me and you’re staying with a friend who doesn’t have a grater (what kind of person doesn’t have a grater?!), peel them and chop them up instead. It’s all good.

2. Place the veggies in a large bowl with the flour, egg, and spices. If you don’t have cilantro, add whatever you have to hand – I threw in some paprika and red pepper flakes. Garlic is good too. Add more flour if it’s too wet. And if you have any other veggies curling up in the fridge, you could add them too. Onion? Toss it in. Corn? Yup. Tomato? Nope – too soggy.

3. Once you have a mixture that resembles coleslaw, heat up some oil in a skillet and dollop a large spoonful of the mix into the pan, turning a few times until those babies are cooked through and golden on each side. You’ll have to do this in shifts, around four fritters at a time, depending on the size of your pan.

4. Enjoy with a fried egg, some salad, or a spicy yoghurt dip. Or hot from the pan, while they’re still super crispy. They might not look like much, but they’re genuinely delicious.