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Today’s W42ST Daily presented by Intrepid Museum — 9/16/2020

It’s not quite as painful (or kinky) as it sounds, “banging out” is a British newspaper tradition where journalists and printers show their respect to a departing colleague. Ruth and I are old enough, and British enough, to remember the days of newspaper printing presses, hot metal, and the associated banging of rulers and metal hammers — and the painful farewells to great friends.

If you see Ruth in the street in the next 24 hours, bang some metal.  It’s her last day with W42ST tomorrow (Friday).

Thank you, Ruth, for being a world-class editor of the smallest (but best) of print publications in the oldest, newest neighborhood in New York City.

Hell’s Kitchen is a better place for you being in it. Good luck with your next adventure. You can keep in touch with Ruth at her new website.

We thought the biggest visitor to New York this year was going to be 4.5-ton King Nyani, the Gillie & Marc gorilla sculpture at Bella Abzug Park in front of Hudson Yards.

But Christie’s has just come up with a dinosaur to up the ante. Stan the T. Rex (when he was alive) weighed in between seven and eight tons — that’s twice the size of an African elephant. He would have been 13 feet high, and almost 40 feet long from his head to the tip of his tail.  Stan’s just down the block…

The Intrepid Museum will reopen on Friday, September 25. The Museum is following the recommendations of public health experts to ensure your experience is not only fun and engaging, but most importantly, safe. For a complete list of health and safety procedures, please visit

There’s a store selling just COVID-related products now open in Herald Square. Essentials…

That ol’ “moving out of the city” story still has legs. Stay…

The city’s e-bikers find themselves at the center of a storm once more. Riders…

Outdoor movie nights launch tonight at Hudson Yards. Screen…

301 W 53rd St is among condo developments threatened with foreclosure. Rent…

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