Amy Scherber, the founder of Amy’s Bread, has been serving Hell’s Kitchen its daily bread for over 25 years. During the pandemic, she’s been adding inspirational messages to her loaves. Today, she and her team turned their attention to the Inauguration to lift the spirits of 9th Avenue.

Their window display is filled with bread, cupcakes and star-spangled banners. “LET’S GO JOE” took pride of place alongside “KAMALA MS VP”. There was a tremendously small “BYE DON” loaf there too.

We caught up briefly with Amy at the store this morning. She’d baked the loaves herself with the help of a colleague, Kendall Adair, who had come up with the stencils.

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Kendall particularly loved the Kamala loaf. “I’m gonna keep waiting for a woman president and 26 senators and nine supreme court justices (for Ruth) but in the meantime, this will do,” she said.

Kendall’s stencil for the Harris loaf.

The loaves were just for display today, but in recent months Amy has gone into production with other items for the public including a “VOTE” loaf and a “BYE 2020” special. Amy told us: “The winter will be really tough with the usual downturn in business that hits every January. It will be very slow. We are going to stay the course and stay open, and we hope that people will still want hot coffee, lots of things made with chocolate, and smiling eyes above our face masks to welcome them!”

Amy Scherber with her “VOTE” loaf.
Production at New Year of the “BYE 2020” loaf.

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