Today’s W42ST Daily presented by TFC — 10/14/2020

We’re always out looking for that exclusive story for you. Well, this morning we have the first ever interview with two-week old Laila!  Her mum’s a journalist, so there’s absolutely no way that we’ve made up any quotes…

So, what’s your New York story? Born here, or just arrived?
Laila: I’m probably the only person who can say BOTH. I was born on Sept. 28, 2020, at Mount Sinai West. 

Read Elisha and Laila’s West Side Story this morning.

In half a century, TF Cornerstone (TFC) has transformed the Long Island City waterfront, developed some of the first residential buildings in the Financial District & Hudson Yards, and revitalized the Meatpacking District. TFC continues to cultivate the surrounding community long after a project’s completion date. Learn more…

Thanks to Lora Aroyo for braving the heights of Hudson Yards (and The Edge) to bring us this picture. Equinox is running many of their classes outdoors, and this sunrise yoga class got everyone striking a special Selfie Warrior pose at 1,100 feet. Namaste…

It seems New York is in the midst of a wave of bird collisions — though thankfully, there’s no mention of Javits Center here. (National Geographic)

The owner of Dim Sum Palace on Restaurant Row talks about the challenges of keeping open with no tourists and few office workers. (NY1)

It is time for the city to give pedestrians a break? More and more Community Boards think we need “neckdowns”. (Streetsblog)

Resetting expectations as the city’s real estate power brokers wobble.  Including an interview with former New York governor Eliot Spitzer at Hudson Yards. (Curbed)

Well, here’s news to melt a Broadway lover’s heart – and you’d be a dummy to ignore it! The curtains are closed in the Theater District for the foreseeable future, but Madame Tussauds is bringing a taste of Broadway back to the heart of New York City. (W42ST)

This is just plain rude and totally uncalled for. Wear a damn mask! (Grub Street)

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