Today’s W42ST Daily — 8/29/2020

Damn! That was a week, filled with both sadness and joy. We lost Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman to colon cancer at the age of 43. A giant panda had a baby at the National Zoo in DC (they even have a panda cam to follow every cute squeal). And it was revealed that Germany may soon legally require dog owners to walk their pooches a minimum of twice a day, for a total of at least an hour. 

So you could be forgiven for missing some of the most important things we’ve been talking about. Fear not – you can catch up here.

As the exodus continues, we published the diary of a New York rat – one who stayed. “I have made it to W51st St and I have found three slices of pineapple pizza. Fucking disgusting. I would literally rather live in New Jersey than eat this garbage.”

Jessica Ryan explained why she’s working 15-hour days to create a new Broadway experience, “a marriage between digital technology and live theater,” where the Virtual Venue is their successful star child.

Sick of bad news stories, Mexican journalist Sandra Vega talked about all the good things that have happened in New York since quarantine. 

And you responded in your hundreds to our survey about whether you’re ready to go back to eating indoors at restaurants. The results may surprise you.

Yesterday, I spoke with actor and improv genius Susie Mosher about her four-year battle to have a child with her wife, Hope – and how baby Hudson became an internet star (with a special appearance from Kate Pierson of the B-52s).

And, as you’re facing a wet weekend, here’s everything you’ll need to know about Manhattan’s museums reopening. Stay dry, my friends, and have a rocking weekend.

The weekend’s weather? Meh

If you’re heading for the park anytime soon, be sure to toss any trash you create.

In other news… the Hot Dog King is back at work. 

A deserted Times Square and Intrepid Museum have starring roles in the video for Jon Bon Jovi’s new song, ‘Do What You Can’.