Hell’s Kitchen was again the scene of an Asian hate crime this morning. CeFaan Kim from ABC Eyewitness News tweeted “48-year-old Asian man repeatedly punched, then told to ‘go back to China,’ then bit on the left hand. At W43rd St & 11th Ave. The suspect had no shirt and was carrying a sweatshirt.”

The scene of the attack at W43rd and 11th Avenue at lunchtime today. Photo: Phil O’Brien.

The attack happened outside the Starbucks underneath the luxury Oskar Building at around 10am today. The manager of Grand Cru Wine & Spirits Chris Papachristodoulou told us he had arrived for work just after the incident when an EMS vehicle and two police cars were at the scene. One block west is the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China.

In March, on the same street (W43rd) just two blocks east, a 65-year-old Filipino woman, Vilma Kari, was beaten to the ground. The video of that brutal daylight assault was seen around the world. A man charged by police in connection with the attack had been living at a hotel converted into a homeless shelter a few blocks away.

Earlier this month, a 31-year-old Asian woman was attacked with a hammer outside the West Bank Cafe. Police later arrested a homeless woman, Ebony Jackson.

Yesterday, just half a block away, resident Katie Hamill tweeted a picture of a homeless man sleeping amid garbage on W43rd Street between 11/10th Avenue. She appealed for help from elected officials and New York Mayoral candidates (including Andrew Yang, who lives one block away from these incidents). “Live from Hell’s Kitchen, where basic human rights are optional. Yes, that is an actual human being,” Hamill wrote.


This afternoon in response to Kim’s tweet, Andrew Yang said: “This is wrong — our streets need to be safe for all of us and free of hate. There are too many mentally ill New Yorkers who are not getting the treatment that they need — it’s a crisis that must be addressed as quickly as possible. We all belong here.”

We’ve created a map to help our readers understand the proximity of these incidents.

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