Today’s W42ST Daily presented by TFC — 8/26/2020

I’ve spent the last few days talking to bar and restaurant owners about their challenges, I’ve been reading the research on the spread of the virus indoors, and been walking the streets of Hell’s Kitchen looking at the growing number of empty storefronts.

One of the distinct paths for the survival of local restaurants and bars is to open up for indoor dining on a limited basis within the next month. But even this might not be enough.

The simple question that I have for you today is: “Are you ready to sit indoors at local restaurants and bars?” Because, no matter what the Governor and Mayor decide, it’s always about the customer.  Please take our quick survey.

Norma Gastronomia Siciliana is getting ready for indoor dining on 9th Ave (they are where Giorgio’s Country Grill used to be).  Will you be heading there?

New York in quarantine looked like a horror movie: deserted streets, empty subway cars, an unusual silence, and many businesses almost abandoned; definitely not the New York one normally sees. 

This image of the Big Apple is shocking, indeed. But to Sandra Vega, it wasn’t all bad: “I’m grateful for having seen this side of New York with my own eyes, and for capturing something undoubtedly historic through my lens.”

Despite all the bad and weird things this pandemic has brought, there is also a good side of this. And this is what made Sandra appreciate New York at another level.  Read more here.

In half a century, TF Cornerstone (TFC) has transformed the Long Island City waterfront, developed some of the first residential buildings in the Financial District & Hudson Yards, and revitalized the Meatpacking District. TFC continues to cultivate the surrounding community long after a project’s completion date. Learn more…

King Nyani is one-day old, giving a hand to keep us all upbeat in Hell’s Kitchen. Well done to Nikkole and the HYHK Alliance team for getting this magnificent sculpture into the Bella Abzug Park.

You can read more about him and the artists Gillie and Marc here. Even better, join the line for a selfie (go quick, as it’s going to be socially distanced around The Vessel when all those New York influencers hear about Nyani).

In the vein of how Governor Andrew Cuomo signs off his daily email updates, here’s Mario and Luigi (Caleb Simpson and Irving Salazar) racing — at max 15mph — around the city to “push some positivity and hopefully make the people laugh.” There’s pizza and wide range of reactions from the NYPD to the duo!

Mark those calendars! Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum reopens September 25! Ahoy there…

“There are certainly folks who have fallen through the cracks of this program” – a change to the registration process for free food is being blamed for a drop in senior recipients. Help…

A memorial tribute to Nick Cordero will stream September 6. RIP Nick…

MTA service cuts and staff layoffs could be on the cards. Stand clear…

The latest victim of COVID-19? The KFC slogan. Licked…

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