The latest update of Theater District and Hell’s Kitchen businesses receiving Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG) program reads like a Broadway Playbill — but now with the addition of neighborhood favorites Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum and Alvin Ailey.

Alvin Ailey will receive $10 million in SVOG funding. Photo: Alvin Ailey.

Our earlier report outlined that 91 organizations in our area had been approved to receive a total of $221,155,213 SVOG funds. This update adds another 46 venues and an additional $161,679,943 of funding.

Hamilton received three initial grants of $10 million each. These grants have now been supplemented with two more Hamilton tours (Eliza Tour LLC and Philip Tour LLC) getting grants of $10 million apiece, bringing the total for the musical to $50 million.

This is matched by Harry Potter, which gets two grants for their Broadway and San Francisco shows at $10 million each (Train Times Broadway LP and Train Times SF LP).

Other Broadway shows funded with the maximum SVOG grant of $10 million are To Kill a Mockingbird (Atticus LLC), Jagged Little Pill and Tina – The Tina Turner Musical. Other big names that got top end awards were Moulin Rouge (MRB Musical LLC) $9,900,000, Come From Away (Kiss The Cod Broadway LP) $9,677,716 and Mean Girls national tour $7,356,919.

Alvin Ailey, the modern dance company based on the corner of W55th Street and 9th Avenue, topped the list of non-Broadway venues receiving the maximum award of $10 million. Intrepid Museum, which had to close and reopen at different times during the pandemic, received funding of $8 million to help their recovery.

“We are beyond thrilled to receive this funding and recognition of our value to the community. We, along with every cultural organization, have lost millions. To receive this grant is to secure a pathway to continued viability and sustainability to be open and welcoming to all New Yorkers and all those from around the world,” said Susan Marenoff-Zausner, Intrepid Museum President.

Intrepid Museum will receive $8 million in SVOG funding.

We have contacted organizations that have received the SVOG funding and will update this story.

The updated list is below, and the original list can be viewed in our original story on the SVOG funding.

Shuttered Venue Operators Grants — Zips 10018, 10019 & 10036 (Update 7/12/2021)

SVOG GranteeAddressZipVenue TypeSVOG Amount
Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, Inc.405 W 55th Street10019Live performing arts organization operator$10,000,000
Atticus LLCc/o Alchemy Production Group 630 9th Avenue, Suite 61010036Theatrical producer$10,000,000
Eliza Tour LLC1501 Broadway, 24th Floor10036Theatrical producer$10,000,000
Jagged Little Pill LLC630 9th Avenue, S 80910036Theatrical producer$10,000,000
Philip Tour LLC1501 Broadway, 24th Floor10036Theatrical producer$10,000,000
Tina Turner Musical LLC230 W 41st St, Suite 170310036Theatrical producer$10,000,000
Train Times Broadway LP230 W 41st St, Suite 170310036Theatrical producer$10,000,000
Train Times SF LP230 W 41st St, Suite 170310036Theatrical producer$10,000,000
Danish San Juan LLC1501 Broadway, STE 130410036Theatrical producer$10,000,000
MRB Musical LLC1650 Broadway, Suite 80010019Theatrical producer$9,900,000
Kiss The Cod Broadway LP630 9th Ave, Ste 61010036Theatrical producer$9,677,716
Intrepid Museum FoundationOne Intrepid Sq.10036Museum Operator$8,000,000
Mean Girls National Tour Llc1501 Broadway, Suite 161410036Theatrical producer$7,356,919
Fish With Cheese Limited Partnership630 9th Ave, Ste 61010036Theatrical producer$6,978,640
Marley’s Chains LLC630 9th Ave, Suite 40110036Theatrical producer$5,321,554
Manhattan Theatre Club, Inc.311 W 43rd St10036Live venue operator or promoter$5,269,026
P46 Entertainment Llc235 W 46th St10036Live venue operator or promoter$4,991,029
Hangmen Broadway, L.p.230 W 41st St, Suite 170310036Theatrical producer$3,468,595
Universal Attractions, Inc15 W 36th St, 8th Floor10018Talent representative$1,962,331
Manhattan Class Company, Inc.511 W 52nd St10019Theatrical producer$1,322,688
RCI Theatricals Inc.630 9th Ave, Ste 80910036Live performing arts organization operator$1,212,427
Foresight Theatrical1650 Broadway, Suite 80010019Live performing arts organization operator$1,192,499
Dodger Theatricals, Ltd.311 W 43rd St, 6th FL10036Theatrical producer$985,010
Amendments Across America, LLC630 9th Ave, Suite 70110036Theatrical producer$877,373
Entourage Talent Associates Ltd24 W 55th St, Suite 3B10019Talent representative$627,915
Broadway Asia Company, LLC257 W 52nd St, 2nd Floor10019Talent representative$404,418
Franco Productions Ltd180 W 58th St, Suite 1B10019Theatrical producer$246,286
The Tank, Ltd312 W 36th St, 1st Floor10018Live performing arts organization operator$191,860
AMSW Llc450 W 42nd St, #14A10036Theatrical producer$180,707
Spanish Dance Arts Company, Inc.4 W 43rd St, Suite 60810036Live performing arts organization operator$162,081
Frank Salomon Associates Inc.16 W 36th St, #120510018Talent representative$136,500
The Little Orchestra Society/Orpheon, Inc.630 9th Ave, Suite 80710036Live performing arts organization operator$133,821
Mastervoices Inc.1441 Broadway, Suite 302410018Live performing arts organization operator$133,782 LLC1776 Broadway, Suite 100110019Live venue operator or promoter$131,579
New York City Opera, Inc142 W 57th St, 11th Floor10019Theatrical producer$130,464
Trevor Off-broadway LLC230 W 41st St, Suite 170310036Theatrical producer$113,952
David Serero Inc.444 W 48th St, #5E10036Theatrical producer$111,374
L. Glenn Poppleton630 9th Ave, Suite 120610036Talent representative$82,245
Marc Routh Productions Inc.257 W 52nd St10019Theatrical producer$77,857
American Theatre Of Actors, Inc.314 W 54th St, FL 410019Live performing arts organization operator$66,295
Grove Entertainment LLC630 9th Ave, Suite 61010036Theatrical producer$60,700
Ehouman Eba555 10th Ave, APT 41D10018Live venue operator or promoter$52,262
Perfect Crime Inc1627 Broadway at 210 W 50th St, 210 W 50th St, 4th Floor10019Live venue operator or promoter$42,115
Vip Connected Entertainment LLC1120 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor10036Talent representative$41,426
Tectonic Theater Project, Inc.340 W 42nd St, #262410036Theatrical producer$25,014
Fontanelli Productions LLC400 W 43rd St, Suite 18-H10036Theatrical producer$11,483

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