Monday’s storm came and went. It was a constant deluge of snow — some said 1-2 inches per hour, others said more. The total from official sources at Central Park is that 16 inches of snow was dumped on New York City by Winter Storm Orlena.

Out on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen this morning, it’s looking good if you are in a car — but not so good if you are on foot. Those crosswalks in particular are passable only with wellies… Here’s our photo report for Tuesday morning!

This statue at Moynihan Train Hall looks ready to get into a snowball fight.
Starting the slow walk up 9th Avenue at W35th Street.
Happy Hour offering at Tavola — do you want ice with that?
Getting ready for business at International Grocery on 9th Avenue.
Icicles hanging down from an ice wall on the facade of Port Authority Bus Terminal.
Struggling through the crosswalks at W44th. I had to go rescue this lady — she continued on her walk on the roadway.
There were plenty of dog walkers out in Hell’s Kitchen this morning.
Bike lanes were not cleared — this delivery guy decided to complete his journey on foot.
Walking in the roadway was definitely the easiest way to make progress — especially while texting!
The Galaxy Diner was getting ready to open.
This is a good example of the challenging crosswalks.
No Hell’s Kitchen photoshoot would be complete without an image with World Wide Plaza in the background.
Getting the snow off the canopy at the deli.
So — does anyone know the story of this blue stuff that clears the sidewalks at the big apartment buildings? It does the job — but is it good for our shoes or the environment?

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  1. I remember when I had a stroller it was basically impossible to cross the roads. I get the plows have to clear the roads but why isn’t something down about the crosswalks. The people in wheelchairs must also find it impossible.

  2. Are businesses that have been shuttered still responsible for clearing the sidewalk in front? If not, there’s going to be a lot of people falling or just walking in the middle of the avenues.

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