Bouillon Marseille and Nizza are inviting Actor’s Equity members for dinner, and the deal from these 9th Avenue restaurants is to eat now and pay later (if you can).

The scheme begins this Monday, October 12, and will run after 9pm every night of the week. Actors can eat for free (drinks and tips not included).

“We will keep a house account for each actor who dines,” explained Robert Guarino, a partner in the restaurants. “When theater returns to New York, and the actors start working again, the amount owed can be paid off as slowly or quickly as possible, if at all.”

The owners for the two restaurants, Simon Oren, Chef Andy D’Amico, and Guarino, say they are all “feeding the community that has fed them all these years”. Bouillion Marseille (rebranded during the pandemic to serve more bistro fare) will celebrate its 20th anniversary of serving Broadway and Hell’s Kitchen in November this year.

The theater community welcomed this program. Actor David LaMarr said: “It’s an incredibly generous gesture. People care and want us all to thrive. I look forward to continuing to support these establishments and having their back as they have ours.”

“Omg WHAT?!! Nizza is my favorite restaurant!!! This is the best news ever!!” said Chelsea Groen Zavada.