Today’s W42ST Daily presented by Hudson Yards — 10/6/2020

Good morning. Thank you to all those readers who have submitted their West Side Stories over the last few weeks. Starting today, we’re bringing this print magazine feature to our newsletter and website each week now. You can still submit yours!

Hell’s Kitchener Michael Barth is a 26-year-old Wall Street associate. Last month he got a call from a four-star Admiral to tell him that his work with the Coast Guard Auxiliary (the uniformed civilian component of the U.S. Coast Guard) had been outstanding — he was given the  “Auxiliarist of the Year” award. As Admiral Karl Schultz, the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard said: “As an organization of about 25,000 strong, that is no small feat.” Here’s Michael’s West Side Story.

It’s always great to see what Jim Lahey from Sullivan Street Bakery is up to. Back at the start of April, Jim told me with passion about his Community Loaf saying that it was the best bread he had ever baked. He designed the loaf to last four days, to reduce the times we needed to leave home during the lockdown.

Ryan Sutton, the chief food critic at NY Eater, left his Hell’s Kitchen home back in March after contracting COVID. He returned last week, and his first stop was Sullivan Street Bakery.

Yesterday that Egg Sandwich made the Food of the Week list on Eater.

Meanwhile, we hear that Jim’s been busy again. He’s opened a pop-up shop down on 9th Street the East Village — announced this morning by EV Grieve as a “Bread Alert”. Go Jim! 

The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards are open Monday–Sunday, 11AM–7PM. Mention this ad to the Concierge Desk on Level 1 and receive a complimentary gift.

We’ve got two new top cops in the neighborhood. Check them out — and their records. (Patch)

We’ve had more road deaths this year, even with the empty roads at the height of the pandemic. (NY Post)

Did you know there are privately maintained station entrances?  Some, including one by the Intercontinental Hotel on W44th and 8th Avenue (which has an elevator), has been off-limits for more than six months. (The CITY)

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