My usual reaction to a big snowstorm coming to Hell’s Kitchen is to gather a few friends and head to Bettibar or The Pocket Bar to hunker down and chatter about other snowmageddons we’ve “survived”. Yesterday, I was given the option of ordering in and tipping the delivery worker big (something that my British-ness and Catholic guilt would not normally allow).

However, I chose to have a quiet night out — and wander the empty streets of the city with my iPhone for company. If you didn’t venture out yourself, enjoy these images of a dog on a sleigh, a snowball fight in Times Square, snow clearing, delivery folks and more…

A snowplow heads out from the NYC Department of Sanitation works on W57th St with VIA towering above.
Treacherous conditions for delivery workers on 9th Avenue.
A delivery bike takes a short cut under the scaffolding at Noodies on 9th Avenue. They still had a heated table outside!
Ninth Avenue was a two-way street for these delivery folks last night!
Arriba Arriba on W51st Street was quiet for one of the few times during the pandemic.
No Hell’s Kitchen photoessay would be complete without a picture with Worldwide Plaza in the background.
A florist still at work during the snowstorm.
All quiet on Restaurant Row.
The snow clearer was the solitary performer on Hamilton’s street last night.
Father Duffy watches over Times Square as workers clear the Red Steps.
Space for a snowball fight in Times Square.
Eighth Avenue was deserted.
Moulin Rouge on W45th Street.
Keeping the sidewalk clear outside Schmackary’s.
The scene on 10th Avenue by Hellcat Annie’s Tap Room.
A delivery worker struggling to cycle in the snow on 10th Avenue.
Taking your dog out for a sled ride on 10th Avenue.
DeWitt Clinton Athletic Field turned into a dog run for the evening.

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