NYPD have launched a new initiative in Hell’s Kitchen to react to the spiraling crime issues in the neighborhood.

District Leader Marisa Redanty coined the phrase “8for8.” Eight additional police officers on foot, on the streets, for eight weeks. She’s one of the founders of the newly formed action group, Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood Action Committee, led by Holly-Anne Devlin.

NYPD have adopted the idea and this week posted officers on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

Detective Inspector Kevin Coleman told CBS News tonight: “This community did something good. The credit is all theirs. This is a community initiative. They came up with this 8for8 term, which means eight cops in the area for eight weeks. It started Monday.”

We reported earlier in the month on the challenges of NYPD’s coverage of Hell’s Kitchen being split between three precincts. “The 10th Precinct took the lead and we are engaging all three precincts for additional patrols,” Holly-Anne from HKNAC told us. “Residents have absolutely been seeing patrols in both Midtown South and North.”

The action came as a result of HKNAC collating and sharing videos and photos of criminal activity in the area.

Incidents have included the macing of shop workers, assault, drug dealing, fires, and shootings.

It is hoped this initiative will be introduced by NYPD into other areas of New York, and extended after September in Hell’s Kitchen.