W42ST Partnership Policy

Partnerships help to underwrite our growing commitment to independent, local journalism. Partnerships represent opportunities for like-minded organizations, nonprofits, small businesses, and community groups to form a creative alliance with W42ST for mutual promotion of our shared values, goals, and business objectives.

We have a unique status in Hell’s Kitchen (and the developing areas of Hudson Yards and Waterline Square) as local media that contributes to a more progressive West Side, a dynamic neighborhood with a vibrant urban core that serves as a beacon for young professionals attracted here by good jobs and a wonderful lifestyle.

We are proud to work with nonprofits, small businesses, and startups as well as more established businesses and organizations that are migrating from traditional print and television media to digital branding, advertising, and marketing.

W42ST cannot guarantee ad impressions or clicks although we always strive to provide a realistic expectation of what an ad can expect to achieve. We are committed to delivering credible journalism. Our content attracts readers who are highly engaged members of the community. We avoid sensationalism and clickbait material as a method of drawing readership, but rather we focus on thoughtful stories that tackle the neighborhood’s challenges as well as spotlight innovative solutions. Thank you for working with us; we appreciate your support!

Please contact our publisher, Phil O’Brien at phil@w42st.com or (646) 267-9028 to start a conversation on how we can work together for mutual benefit.